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Google Search Algorithm Leaks Github
June 5, 2024 by aee in seo

Google search algorithm leaks: 15 key takeaways and analyses

Well, it seems Google has finally let the cat out of the bag! Google's algorithm has always been a closely guarded secret, with SEO professionals constantly trying to decipher the factors that influence search rankings. However, a recent leak of Google's internal documents has shed light...

AI SEO Experiment
March 16, 2024 by aee in seo

From zero to 150k/month: a programmatic AI SEO experiment

As you may know, AI has completely shifted the balance in the world of SEO. Since its inception, I've followed and conducted various experiments to gauge Google's reactions. ⚠️I firmly believe in reverse engineering for success in SEO. Therefore, you must continually experiment and produce results....

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